Imagine having a game machine in operation where you work! All you have to do is convince the boss that games

We place games on location under 3 different arrangements:

  1. rent the games for a fixed monthly amount and all the games are set for FREE PLAY.
  2. put the games in on a pay-for-play basis at BELOW MARKET (CHEAP) PRICING (Classic Coin-Ops keeps 100% of the proceeds).
  3. put the games in on a pay-for-play basis at STANDARD MARKET PRICING and your workplace gets a percentage of the proceeds (Classic Coin-Ops gets the rest).

As with all our arrangements, we handle 100% of all maintenance issues so you don't have to lift a finger except to push a few buttons on the telephone or computer keyboard! Check out the web site for a list of pinball and video games we have for rent/placement. You can reach us at or by 24 hour pager at 972.589.3190.

NOTE: Classic Coin-Ops operates in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, TX area only.

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