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Although we are not yet big enough to own many of the fanciest and latest machines, CCO is proud to operate the BEST MAINTAINED equipment in the DFW metroplex, BAR NONE. It is our goal to assess any reported problem within 24 hours and to repair it on the spot at that time or as soon as the necessary parts can be obtained. We simply WILL NOT let a machine rot in the field taking up space, and making us and the location look cheap, lazy and unprofessional.



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Please note that all locations in the following tables are hyperlinks that will either take you to that location's homepage or to MapQuest showing you where the location is. If you end up at MapQuest and want detailed driving directions, just click on the "directions to" link just above the map on the far right. Once there, enter your starting address on the left side and click the "Calculate Directions" button. Print the resulting information and road trip it for some fun! Similarly, the vast majority of the game names in the following tables are also hyperlinks taking you to a web page telling you all about the game (if you know of a web page dedicated to a game that is better than the one we are using, especially if we don't have any link at all, please let us know)!

Let our equipment earn you money!

Would you like to make more money for your business with no risk, no effort, and no additional cost to you? If so, you might want to consider partnering with us to place some kind of coin-operated equipment at your business. The way it works is we own, repair, stock and license all the equipment and all you have to do is keep it plugged in and turned on and let us know when something isn't working properly. We then split whatever money goes into the machine based on either a flat amount or a flat rate (depends on the location, the agreement and the kind of equipment; vending is very different from gaming, for example). Please email if you are interested in discussing this kind of opportunity and do not rule out the idea because you feel you have some specific reason coin-operated equipment will not work in your business. Believe me, I have heard all the excuses and you may not be aware of the vast array of equipment and options that are available which suit the special needs or problems of most any business or location. We operate the following types of equipment:

Why work with an operator like us; why not buy your own equipment? This seems like a great idea at first but I am sure you have noticed how often the coin-operated equipment you try to use is out of order. It is a hard-knock world out there and street equipment takes a TON of abuse and needs frequent maintenance and repair. Unless you know how to do this or are prepared to spend quite a bit of money to keep a tech on retainer, that is reason enough to let us handle those problems. Did you ever stop to think about what you will do with that $20,000 super-duper arcade game now that it is a few months old and isn't earning much for you any more? Well that is not a problem for us because we simply rotate the slow-earning equipment to another location and rotate in a fresh machine to perk up the cashbox. If you own your own machines, however, you will have to sell them and buy something different. Considering it takes several years of good earnings to pay off a new game and earnings drop off dramatically before the first year is out, you will probably never be able to pay off a machine before you need another one! We buy lots of broken and relatively new equipment from "do-it-yourselfers" who realize all too late that they cannot be profitable on their own; don't let it happen to you!

Repair the Games!

Got an old classic out in the garage that stopped working 10 years ago or a brand new machine that your kid spilled his drink into? We'll repair any videogame or solid state pinball machine at a rate of $65/hour rounded to the half hour. Due to exceeding repair requests (i.e. we have more requests than we can get to), we have instituted a new policy of charging for travel time if you are want a house call. That means if you live 30 minutes away, it is $65 just to show up. If we do not fix your game, though, there is no charge at all, of course. Also, if you want to drop the machine off at the shop there is no travel time charge. Seem too high? Well ask me about my special "first time customer" discount (can be as much as 100% off; that's right, FREE). We do repair work for several other operators in the area as well as for several local businesses and private owners and can provide many references for our work.

Here are just a few of our satisfied local repair-work customers!

I am the only person I know of that is offering a service to repair broken plastic ramps. Unfortunately, we are not a parts dealer and for the most part only sell complete games. There are 2 exceptions, though:

If you are looking for parts, we wholeheartedly recommend both the Pinball Resource (BE SURE to have the exact part numbers and a complete list of what you want), and Marco Specialties, Inc.

Rent the Games!

There's nothing quite like a party with a pinball or classic videogame setup for free play! Prices range from $50/day for machines in storage (older/ugly; lots of "classics" in this category) to $100/day for a low-earning machine on location to $200/day for a high-earning machine on location. There is a discount of 25% for rentals lasting more than 3 days, 50% for rentals lasting more than a week and 75% for rentals lasting more than a month. Pre-payment is required and there is a delivery/retrieval fee of $50/hour (charged 1-way; if you are 1 hour away, the TOTAL delivery/retrieval fee is $50 even though 2 hours are spent on the road when you combine delivery and retrieval); sorry, no do-it-yourself transportation/setup and no stairs because we cannot risk the damage that is likely to occur. Having said that, if you really want to pay us extra to bring out enough guys to move a game up stairs, special arrangements can be made but there will definitely be a surcharge!

Buy the Games!

There is a growing demand for "the classics" by people with too much money in their pockets and too much empty space in their homes! Despite what we said earlier about buying your own equipment to earn money with, games really do hold up very well in the carefully protected environment of the average household (with the possible exception of pinball machines which, due to their very nature, tend to beat themselves into problems due to the constant banging of the ball during play). We will gladly sell you any piece of equipment we have if the price is right. If you see a game you'd like to own just email us and we will quote you a price on it. If you don't see what you're looking for, drop us a line with your wish list; if we don't currently have that game (the web pages may not be completely accurate), we will do our best to find one, clean it up, and deliver it to you. Local delivery of equipment is available at the rate of $50/hour, otherwise we will ship anywhere! We occasionally auction stuff at Ebay if we really want to get rid of it and it doesn't otherwise sell. We will also gladly take trade-ins if you have a game you want to get rid of (working or not). Our games are available either "as is" or "shopped". If it doesn't say "as is" then it is 100% working and shopped out. Shopped games come with a 90 day warranty; as-is games come with no guarantees whatsoever and definitely don't work properly (we very rarely sell them this way but sometimes we get stuff that just isn't worth fixing).

Compete in the Games?

We are considering setting up a Pinball league in the area and are soliciting potential members; please email if you are even remotely interested in participating. If we can round up at least a dozen interested parties, we will commit to putting together a league.

What is Classic Coin-Ops?

What makes Classic Coin-Ops different from the other guys? As you may have noticed, we love pinball. You may also have noticed that pinball is dying all around the area (and the country!) so we decided to do something about it. It is our goal to convince every location we work with to host at least 1 pinball machine. The response has been pretty good and we have all our working pinballs out. We are one of the only operators in the area who is really serious about promoting pinball and maintaining pinball machines in proper clean and working order. Another difference is that we are committed to operating "classic" videogames from the golden area of the 1980s and not just Pac-Man and Galaga. This means that just about every location will have at least one beloved hit from the hey-day of videogaming!

Classic Coin-Ops is owned by me, Gregg Woodcock. I'm your average, married, working class father of 3 who likes to play arcade games of all kinds and always has. I started this side business in 1994 with my first location at Parker College which I bought from a friend of mine who graduated and was moving away. The route grew slowly but steadily from there. CCO is different from many other operations because I am guided by the Holy Spirit in all that I do. What does this mean? Among other things, I will not operate gambling equipment of any kind; this includes poker and blackjack machines, video slots (a.k.a. "8-liners" or "Cherry Masters") and also conventional redemption equipment which is nothing more than "kiddie gambling". I will also not operate equipment that is overtly sexual in nature or which features nudity (the popular "Gals Panic" videogame is one example). I will, however, operate violent videogames provided the content is sporting in nature or features a virtuous scenario casting the players as good guys fighting against the bad guys and provided the content is appropriate for the ages of the players who visit the location. Every violent game title is considered on a location by location basis which allows some violent games to be placed at adult locations (such as the college gamerooms) which will not be placed at other locations where younger kids hang out. It goes without saying that I will not operate cigarette or condom machines nor work with any immoral or destructive businesses such as the many nude/topless bars that are all around our area.

If you'd like to find out more about my Savior Jesus and how much He loves you, please get in touch with me; I'd love to talk with you about Him! If you want to visit one of the BEST churches in the metroplex, please feel free to come-as-you-are and visit either of mine, SpringCreek Community Church or Fellowship Bible Church North. You are sure to receive a life enhancing dose of song, fellowship and worship at a Church which is designed to be friendly and open to non-Christians seeking to know God.

Speaking of church, that's where we got started with the day-glow dollies (hand-trucks). In the fall of 1999 I hosted a church event during which I and nine 7th grade girls had to build a racing machine out of a toilet and < $20 in bought supplies. Well I wanted to use my kids' wagon but the girls saw my dolly in the backyard (I knew I should have put it back in the van) and thought a "dolly" lent itself to a theme they could work with for decorations much better than did an old wagon. They knew they couldn't win the race but they figured they could easily look better than everybody else. Who could argue with logic like that? So $1 worth of nuts and bolts and $19 worth of cheap spray paint later, we had the gaudiest, tackiest looking contraption you have ever seen! It stood out so much that we decided to make it our company trademark (after removing the toilet and other "accessories") and we'll never have a dolly "walk away" again!

Contact Information

Email us anytime at woodcock@ClassicCoinOps.com

Page us 24 Hours at (972) 589.3190

Send us some regular mail at:

Classic Coin-Ops

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