Just go to All Advantage and sign up for the service. What's the catch? You must let a small advertisement banner run across the bottom of the screen while you are online. But don't freak out yet! You can quickly and simply turn it on and off as you wish. Whenever you have the program on, you make money ($.50 an hour, as of this writing, up to 25 hours a month). If you refer others you also earn a tiny bit of money for every minute they are surfing because you referred them (this DOES NOT cut into the amount they earn; they earn the same amount regardless of whether they list a referral at sign up or not). So the more references, the more money everybody earns. It's simple, it's easy and it requires no change in your behavior. Obviously you're already online: you are reading this, right? You might as well get paid for it like I am. Feel free to email me for more info, or check out All Advantage, and remember to fill in (or rather don't clear out) my member ID: EEI-620 when you sign up, so I get credit for referring you; thanks a bunch!


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