It is likely that if your place of business serves the general public, you have some kind of sound system available and it probably just plays some "free" radio station or the sound from a TV somewhere in the building. Perhaps you even have a sound system but it isn't used at all! What a big difference to the bottom line it would make if you could actually charge people for listening to the radio... Well with a jukebox YOU CAN! We are relatively new the jukebox arena but have an exclusive relationship with the brightest star in the industry, TouchTunes who produce the world's first and only digital downloadable jukebox. This machine is TOTALLY AMAZING and must be seen to be truely appreciated.

We place jukeboxes on location under the following terms:

  1. There is a small fixed monthly cost to cover financing and music licensing fees which may vary from year to year.
  2. Whatever is left after that fee is paid we split with 40% going to you and 60% going to Classic Coin-Ops.

As with all our arrangements, we handle 100% of all maintenance issues so you don't have to lift a finger except to push a few buttons on the telephone or computer keyboard! Check out the web site for a list of pinball and video games we have for rent/placement. You can reach us at or by 24 hour pager at 972.589.3190.

NOTE: Classic Coin-Ops operates in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, TX area only.

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