A common problem with many late model pinball machines is cracking and breaking of the plastic ramps. Usually this happens to the sides around the entrance but it is also common for the plastic to crack at mount points which are under high stress. Superglue will NOT last, however a proper repair will be even better than the original (unreinforced) plastic.  I have had AMAZING successes with high quality fiberglass/epoxy rebuilds (this is the stuff hobbyists coat over styrofoam cores to biuld AIRPLANES out of)!  The 2 most amazing were a Police Force which was missing the entire lower 2 inches of the center ramp and the Star Trek: The Next Generation I just did on which the Alpha (center) ramp was missing 3 inches of the left wall and 2 inches of the right (this was a VERY steep curve; quite tricky to recreate) and the Delta (right) ramp which was missing about 2 inches of the farther/top wall.  The Police Force repair ended up clear enough to see the lights beneath it (although you couldn't really read the lettering unless you knew what it was). The Star Trek repair was much trickier but turned out just as well. I am willing to do this type of ramp repair (including installation of custom metal guide/protectors) for a flat rate from $50 to $150 depending on difficutly (you'd have to send me a picture of the ramp to be repaired).  A simple straight Bride of Pinbot type repair would be $50.  The VERY tricky curved Star Trek Alpha ramp would be $150 (took 6 "sessions" to do that one).

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